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The Felt Sense: Explorations of Wool In Iceland by Studio M For Good

This show is the culmination of a month long residency at Textílsetur Íslands in Blönduós, Iceland. The felt sense of Iceland is one of palpable resilience in a forbidding yet rich landscape. I explored the "felt sense" of the landscape through wet felting with Icelandic wool.

Eugene Gendlin gave the name "felt sense" to the unclear, pre-verbal sense of "something" as it is experienced in the body. He was working with psychotherapy. In my work with wool I often float in this place.


Artist Statement:

I currently work with raw fiber (wool, alpaca, silk) making works of felt working mostly using wet felting technique. I am exploring wearable as well as sculptural art: Nuno-felted scarves and dresses (using silk & cotton textiles and fiber); vessels; wrapped found objects, stones, and driftwood; and larger pieces including rugs, wall art, sculpture, and game boards; bags; and hats. Much of my work is created over days or even weeks. I strive at all times to be conscious ofthe craft at play, my experience of the materials, and the awareness of the evolution of the felt work.

My inspiration is gathered from the world I experience, from nature, and from other artists’ work all of which inform my work in color and composition. After exploring many media I feel like I have come home when I work with felt. Fiber and felting feel like a perfect expression of what I want to create: objects of beauty which are satisfyingly tactile and which nourish the soul.




• Textílsetur Íslands
• Blueberry View Artists Residency


• Textílsetur Íslands
• Blueberry View Artists Residency

Teaching Experience

• I teach in my studio regularly

Professional Development

• Felters Fling 2013
• Workshop Cristina Pacciani
• Felters Fling 2015
• Workshop Charity Van der Meer • Workshop Martien Van Zuilen


• National Museum of Women in the Arts, Charter Member • MCA Chicago, Art Institute of Chicago

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