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It Figures: New Work by Liz Laughlin and Scott Pearson

 It Figures: New Works by Liz Laughlin and Scott Pearson


Best friends and artists, Liz Laughlin and Scott Pearson present new work that showcases their shared aesthetics of magical realism. Working in different mediums Liz and Scott, both, create figurative work that often displays an odd and fanciful notion of reality. This new work finds the artists working in a unique collaboration; each appropriating from the other quirks, techniques, and objects to imbue their own works with the sensibilities of the other.  This "borrowing" from each other creates a symbiosis between the works that mirror the relationship between the two artists. 

The simplicity of the paintings of Liz Laughlin belies their impact. At first glance, the stylized figures that inhabit her paintings feel primitive or naive. As you continue to look, you feel the impact of the expression and emotion she is able to transmit in her "simple" figures. The shape of an eye or the misshape of a mouth, intentionally skewed by the artist, inexplicably creates familiar and knowing portraits. 

Scott Pearson works within and outside the world of the "picture plane." His paintings and constructions, often the results of shamanic dreams, are filled with metaphors and symbols that recreate memories, realities, and experiences. Broad strokes, layered scribbling, an irreverence to both the picture plane and combination of objects, work in tandem simultaneously to produce his canvases and assemblages.