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TRAUMA: a group exhibition

TRAUMA: a group exhibition OPENING RECEPTION: March 8, 2019 5-10 PM



Greek: from the 17th century: literally to wound.

In this exhibition, in conjunction with International Women’s Day, gallery curator Kimberly Oliva features 25 artists in a group show on the topic of trauma. Various mediums.


Jane Norling

Helen Mayer-Jones

Leslie Speicher
Kimberly Oliva

Nicholas Nadja

Eve Brownstone
Marina Rheault Post
Leah Brown 

Kate Roth 

PIcolina Zoo

Anca Gray
Lora Delestowicz-Wierzbowski
Tamara Wasserman
Pinar Aral
Corinne D. Peterson
Sara Renae Holloway
Pattie Stell
Scott Pearson
Beatriz E Ledesma
Vasso Kolias 

Diane Green 
Whitney Bradshaw

Heather Stark-Killian