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UNBOUND: Exploring Possibilities

Exhibition: April 12 - May 11 2019

UNBOUND: exploring possibilities will include a new collaborative art installation that comes from the artistic partnership between Karen Tichy and Alicia Forestall-Boehm. This encaustic installation is comprised of distinctive mixed-media sculptures. The artists explore paper, fiber, encaustic, and other materials in this singular collaboration created for display at the Oliva Gallery.

Alicia Forestall-Boehm

My encaustic and fiber sculptures reduce larger images and concepts into elegant simplified forms.  I pare down basic elements of color, shape and movement in order to acknowledge another kind of space. I often struggle with the title each work, wanting it to enlarge the meaning of each piece to the viewer.  

I enjoy working with familiar materials including wax, cheesecloth, wire, twine, found metal and paper, altering them into something different and unexpected.  While I create in both two and three-dimensions, I am particularly interested in offering experiences beyond the traditional or predictable and enjoy the interaction that occurs when viewers encounter my sculptures.  

Karen Tichy

The exploration of materials and techniques has been a driving interest throughout my art career.  Though I began as a traditional artist engaged in applying paint to the flat surfaces, I soon developed a unique process of weaving my own deconstructed paintings into textural/dimensional constructions.  Since discovering encaustic, I have used its translucent and adhesive qualities to layer paper lines and other shapes and materials to achieve a sense of depth and motion.  

My process rarely involves a preconceived message or concept. I start with a point or line, a piece of paper, or a divot in the wax. That then informs my selection and manipulation of the next element. Piece by piece and layer by layer, an idea - a memory of sights and sounds or a feeling - develops in my mind, and a visual representation of it results. My thoughts and my process may be influenced by the materials themselves - their color, shape, and size; and my placement and manipulation of materials is reciprocally influenced be the developing concept.