Oliva Gallery

Kate Roth: archival photograph

Kate Roth: archival photograph

Featured artists 

Anca Gray

Beatriz E Ledesma

Corinne D. Peterson

Diane Green

Eve Brownstone

Jane Norling

Heather Stark Killing

Helen Mayer-Jones

Kate Roth 

Kimberly Oliva

Leah Brown 

Leslie Speicher

Lora Delestowicz-Wierzbowski

Marina Rheault Post

Nicholas Nadja

Pattie Stell

Picolina Zoo

Pinar Aral

Sara Renae Holloway

Scott Pearson

Tamara Wasserman

Vasso Kolias 

Whitney Bradshaw 

TRAUMA: a group exhibition MARCH 8, 2018 5-10 PM



Greek: from the 17th century: literally to wound.

The formulation of this exhibition began in 2016 with Corine Peterson’s Cairn & Cloud workshop that resulted in a cairn collection where our individual pieces were brought into a collective piece about trauma. Acknowledging our own wounds, identifying in order to let go, while also decentering the conversation from a strictly individual standpoint so that we remember the collective nature of trauma. Up to this day Oliva Gallery had presented solo shows, 2 and 3 people exhibitions. In this exhibition, in conjunction with International Women’s Day, gallery curator Kimberly Oliva features 25 artists. Trauma had to be collective.


Oliva Gallery focuses on the best of 20th century design in the form of fine art, lighting, home decor, and costume jewelry,
and features emerging artists from the Chicagoland area.